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How To Re-fill Toner Cartrige for Fuji Xerox Color Laser printer -DocuPrint C1110

Shows the procedure to re-fill the Toner Cartrige for the Fuji Xerox Color Laser printer -DocuPrint C1110 and to replace the counter chip

How to refill and reset Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C1110

The FJX DocuPrint® C1100 was introduced in Japan in November 8, 2007 and the FJX DocuPrint® C1110 was released across Asia in December 2007. The toner cartridge is very small, measuring just under 7" in length, and although nearly the same they are keyed for color and manufacturer.

A direct contact chip is located beneath a housing on the bottom of the toner cartridges. Printers will not print without a chip nor with a spent chip on the cartridge.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C1110 refill instructions.

Cartridge Part # (OEM): CT201115


เติมหมึก Xerox C1110/C1190 how to

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