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Mercedes-Benz Smart Escooter

Mercedes Benz Smart Escooter. Subscribe.

With the new ebike, smart is presenting its second idea for locally emission-free electric mobility on two wheels. The trend-setting electric bicycle study, which will be premiered at the Paris Motor Show together with the highly regarded smart escooter is suited for both effortless city biking and sporty use. Unlike the scooter, the ebike´s drive is not controlled via the throttle grip. Instead, it delivers extra power when the rider pedals. The muscle power-electric hybrid drive offers four power levels. The high-tech bike also sets standards in terms of appearance and concept, starting with the futuristic look and the discretely designed lightweight wheels to the technical features in detail. Characteristics that the ebike and the escooter have in common are typical smart design features, simple handling and the integration of smartphones: the smart drive kit app that has been further developed also performs numerous functions for the ebike, for example those of a speedometer and a navigation system.

Dr Annette Winkler, head of smart, says "The brand smart becomes even more electric with the ebike: Following the fortwo and the escooter, many old and new smart fans may choose the way they move in the city even more individually and adapt it better to their individual life, the weather and their personal mood. People of all ages, with or without a driving licence, fit or not will enjoy experiencing the world by bicycle, also over longer distances. As long as power and shape suffice, the own fitness is the “engine”. But also if the electric drive is started, the ebike remains locally emission-free - except of one own´s breath. With a long range of typical attributes such as the character defining design and the safety features, also the bike shows: smart is intelligent.”

Like on the escooter, a smartphone is also used on the ebike. It assumes various functions during the ride, for example those of a speedometer or a heart rate monitor. At the same time the smartphone is both a "starter" and an immobiliser: when it is placed in the specially designed mount it automatically activates the drive system. When the rider removes the smartphone the ebike is automatically locked and protected against theft.

The electric drive is switched on as soon as the rider starts pedalling like on a normal bicycle. Muscle power is also transmitted to the rear wheel in accordance with the classic bicycle principle: from the pedals via the crank bearing to the final drive. A special feature of the ebike is that a belt pulley and a toothed belt assume the tasks of the chain wheel and chain. These are silent and – like the other components of the drive system – they do not require any maintenance.

The front and rear wheels are each equipped with a state-of-the art hydraulic disc brake for safe and efficient braking. In addition, the rear wheel is braked "electrically" via the resistance of the wheel hub motor. When the brakes are applied, the operating principle is reversed, and the drive becomes a generator whose resistance provides the required braking effect – just like on the escooter. The resulting braking energy is recuperated, i.e. it is converted into electrical energy and stored in the bike's lithium-ion battery.
cold catz : Connects to an iPhone 4
Mattaparthi Srinu : I want scooter phone number pleag
Dina Maldonado : That the smart car companies
Erlinda Anwar : nice colour
C. Borisch : Leider ein Daumen runter, weil erstens: Fällt der Roller (Ist der jetzt für Kinder, sieht so klein aus?) um, war es das mit dem Spiegel UND der komischen Beleuchtung an der Seite. Zweitens habe ich nur einen Bremshebel gesehen, und dann auch nur für vorne. Das geht gar nicht! Drittens: Nicht nur auf den Ladezustand des Akkus ist zu achten, sondern auch, das das smartfone geladen ist. Und wenn das smartfone nicht die richtigen Abmessungen hat, dann paßt es nicht in die Halterung. Was soll das Gerät denn kosten?

Mercedes-Benz Smart Vision EQ concept first ride

Mercedes-Benz shut down part of the Las Vegas Strip to show off the Smart Vision EQ Concept car. It's a futuristic self-driving car prototype that's so new it had to be controlled remotely. It has no steering wheel, no pedals, and is supposed to represent what Mercedes-Benz thinks cars will be like in 2030. Subscribe:

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young triggah : It's a smart
gh : But I want to actually drive my car, bot being a passenger
FoOB : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
F.KChapo Productions : I can't belive that companies have cars already done for the next 10 year theyre just not showing us
abhinav jetha : Go and watch super car blondie

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