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Let's talk about the DTRONICS DT-01 - Roland D-50 and D-05 controller

Welcome to my first ever gear talk. Mind you i'm not really much of talker but I'll be doing my best. I want to show you my DT-01 by Dtronics. Controller for the legendary Roland D-50 and Roland Boutique series D-05.

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Dtronics DT-01:

Roland D-05:

How to program a Roland D-50 by Sergio Frias:

Roland D-05 : Synthesis guided tour by Nu-Trix The Synth Guy:

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Tamiya DT-01 Fighter Buggy RX #58184

Tamiya DT-01 Fighter Buggy RX #58184

I got this back in March from Ebay.
I paid £50 inc p+p (54 euro - $60 US). I was the only bidder.
It had been fully refurbished and hadn't run since.
It had a new Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 WP ESC,
which I put in one of my CC-01's, and now has a TBLE-02.
It has new bearings, yellow oil shocks, wheels and tyres, silver can and a High Torque Servo.
The body has been custom painted to a high standard by the previous owner.
I added the driver and radio gear.

So this is its first run. It went well with no problems.
It had a little audience who seemed to like it.
It was great to hear their excitement, and made me smile.
This one's for you Mikael


Note: A better demonstration may be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4D1sUcX0fc\u0026edufilter=NULL

Demonstration of use of Dtronics DT01 for use with Roland D50 or D05.
NOTE: this is not a Sapro tune but a demo as there seem to be no videos of this on the internet. Sorry for lopsided video in first segment. This is not what i do!




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